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Blunder and Lightning - 3 of 4

With an accompanying sound stronger than any thunderclap, a brilliant halo of colors rippled across the horizon.
The Sonic Rainboom could be seen for miles around--possibly even worldwide. It touched the lives of ponykind everywhere, in ways that could be immediately seen, and in ways that wouldn't be known to anypony for years.
Truly, it was one of Equestria's greatest miracles.
But since she was at its point of origin, young Rainbow Dash wasn't aware of any of this. All she knew is that she'd finally showed those bullies what for, and Fluttershy was now safe!
She flew back to the starting point of the race where she'd challenged them, and saw them already there, sulking and licking the bruises they'd gotten from the Rainboom's shockwave.
"That's right, you cowardly colts," Dash taunted in a scratchy, yet spirited, voice. "Who's in charge of the skies now? Rainbow Dash, that's who! And my first order as ruler is that you and your pals never mess with..."
She looked for her friend
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Blunder and Lightning - 2 of 3

Rainbow Dash screamed as she flew in a vertical line, directly upwards from the center of Ponyville's town square. Once at the correct height--and out of earshot of everypony else--she kicked at every cloud in her path, shouting in frustration each time. Every cloud she came in contact with popped instantly, yielding a loud CRACK! in the process.
One thunderstorm; hold the storm.
"All... of these ponies... are CRAZY!"
A griffon who had been watching from some distance away flew to meet her, and grinned. "That's my motto. What's gotcha down, Dash?"
"Just... all the ponies. The ponies in this town! This Ponyville place! They're crazy, and I can't take it!" From high altitude, she pointed one hoof toward an expanse of greenery. "There's one pony who thinks her farming is more important than what I do, just because she's been here longer!" She pointed to the local boutique next. "There's a unicorn who thinks she's Celestia's gift to ponykind even though al
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Base by :


Link to the base :…

Here are three ponies of my MLP Next Gen, I will post the others too, but I felt like I need to post this one first.

Their parents are:

~Applejack and Braeburn
~Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants
~Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

These are my OCs, you can't use them without permission!

Have a nice day! Wink/Razz 
~MyBases~9 ~ Hugging Dashie
Requested by :


Original Image By : Hasbro


~Credit me for the base and credit Hasbro for the original image
~This base is free to use. You don't need to ask me
~ Feel free to change the gender
~Take your time. Don't rush! Spend longer then 1-5 minutes on your base edit
~Don't upload the base as your own! That's theft
~You can ask me to do a base,you just need to send me the picture!

Have a nice day! Wink/Razz

Link to the original picture :…
Base by :


Link to the base :…

~Name : Cosmic Boom
~Nicknames : Boom, Cosmic, Cosmos
~Parents : Unknown
~Age : 12
~Siblings : Mystical Supernova (big brother)
~Place of birth : Cloudsdale
~Place of residence : Unknown

~General bio :
She is a kind little filly, who hasn't discovered her special talent yet. She is generous, adventurous and really friendly to everyone. She likes to make people smile or laugh. When she is feeling down, her brother, Mystical Supernova always cheers her up. She is good at flying, she likes to perform tricks and stunts in the air. Although she has a great personality, the other ponies always bully her, just because she is different from them.

~Relationships :
She is great friends with River Dream, who she wanted to introduce to her brother countless times, but her brother always refused it.

~Talent/Ability/Cutiemark :
She hasn't discovered her special talent yet, but she is okay with it, because she knows that everything happens with time and she wants to discover her special talent, when she isn't trying to find it.

She is my OC, you can't use her without permission!

Have a nice day! Wink/Razz 


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